I'm Going to be a CycleBar Instructor!

I've auditioned to be an instructor at my local CycleBar studio and drumroll please... I got the gig!

I will be training soon to be a CycleStar at the CycleBar Raintree Ranch location in Chandler. I'm so excited!  So why did I want to be a CycleBar instructor and why this studio?

I've used cycling as cross training for almost a decade now. When I make it a regular part of my training routine, it makes me stronger, less prone to injury, and I don't burn out as quickly on the running. It's also been a  great resource for if I *do* get injured and still need to keep my endurance up.

I've taken tons of classes and always loved the instructors with high energy and the ones that make me push beyond what I would do on my own. And if you know me, you know I love helping to motivate others and working out with a group. So I've always entertained how fun it would be to be a spin/cycle instructor.

Fast forward to last summer, when a CycleBar opened up near me in Chandler. I started attending classes with the November Project Phoenix crew and loved it! The energy is always super high and intoxicating.

CycleBar uses a digital screen to display your rank as the class progresses. If that's not your thing, you can totally choose to be left off, but I'm competitive and find it super helpful in pushing myself and not slacking.They also use a weighted bar (get it.. CycleBAR...) during class for some added upper body work. Nothing too crazy, but just enough to get the most out of your workout.

I've been going pretty regularly on Wednesday's for "Wine Down Wednesday". Yep, WINE after you ride! Another thing I love about CycleBar is all the fun and different rides the offer during the week. Always something new and sometimes involving alcohol. They know how to entice you! Haha

Lately, with increased medical bills (and let's face it, race expenses piling up too!) I started toying with the idea of pursuing being an instructor part-time for some additional income. While there are many studios in the Valley, I loved CycleBar so much and their team of instructors and wanted to pursue that route first.

Last week, I reached out to the manager at CycleBar Raintree Ranch and scheduled an audition. I had so much fun just putting the audition ride together and leading the short ride for a few CycleStars and friends. It confirmed for me that I was making the right decision and that I would thoroughly enjoy this endeavor!

Recently, I got the call that I was accepted as a CycleStar (a CycleBar instructor) and would begin training as soon as possible! I am overjoyed and thrilled to be able to take on this new challenge. Even if it's just a few classes a week, it's going to be an incredible adventure.

I will let everyone know when I am added to the class schedule. I really hope you'll come join me for the fun! Stay tuned for updates, stories, and workouts ahead! 


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