A Spritz a Day to Keep the Chafe Away!

Cyclists and runners alike deal with chafing. Most of the time we slather on some Vaseline, or deal with the painful consequences. But that's not ideal, especially if you want to maintain healthy skin conditions.

Lately I've been training hard and riding a lot. And when I started using Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil, I realized just how much I was neglecting my....ummm... more sensitive areas of skin.

Disclaimer: I received a free sample bottle of Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and options are my own.

Let's face it... chafing isn't fun. And it can really put a damper on training. And finding the right combo of skin care products and clothing can be tough. I've discovered the right gear for me on both the bike and on the road, and that's why it was super important to find the right skin care products--Vaseline and creams were staining my clothes with grease!

Enter the Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil. It was designed for cyclists to reduce friction, chafing, and rash irritations (but is GREAT for runners too!). So what's so special about this product? Here's what I've found that makes them stand out.

  • Spray bottle allows for easy, and mess-free application
  • Easily portable
  • The oil is not thick or greasy, and absorbs completely into the skin
  • Doesn't stain clothing
  • Once absorbed, this particular formula surrounds and strengthens cellular membranes
  • Fragrance-Free

I use the Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil both before my rides at CycleBar, and before my long runs. Just a quick spritz or two and I'm ready to go. Being always on the go, the portability was extremely important to me. I'm able to toss it in my gym bag and no worry about spills or anything melting in my car (yes, in Arizona our deodorants, etc melt while sitting in the hot car). 

Travel Size!

There are days where I will run in the morning, go to work, then go ride in the evening. That's a lot of working out and a lot of showering. That kind of routine tends to dry out the skin and make you susceptible to chafing. Thankfully, by being meticulous with my Crotch Guard routine, I haven't had any issues since using it! 

For a small 1oz bottle like mine, it's super affordable and worth trying out! Especially if you're an active cyclist or runner. If you're interested in purchasing a bottle yourself, check out their website:

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Twitter: twitter.com/CrotchGuardUK & twitter.com/crotch_guard


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