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We've all been there. Our training hits a plateau. No matter how much harder we run/lift, we seem to be in a training rut. Can't get any faster. Strength seems to be as good as it's going to get. I was definitley there. The only thing that was increasing were my injuries.

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I felt that my nutrition really needed some work. But all the diets out there are so generic. No carbs. No meat. They go on and on. But which one was right for ME? I felt like I NEEDED carbs and meat...the only thing left to do was see where my personal nutrition was lacking and "take a selfie from the inside" as InsideTracker calls it.

Disclaimer: In exchange for an honest review, I received 50% off my purchase of my InsideTracker Ultimate Plan. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I had set a goal for myself to complete a Spartan Trifecta by the end of the year. I knew this would test both my endurance and strength. And would be a great way to see if following the guidelines InsideTracker set forth really helped increase my performance.


I purchased the Ultimate Plan with InsideTracker. This is the most comprehensive plan available and tests for a ton of different biomarkers.

Getting the test results was super simple. Once purchased, I just printed out the lab slip and found a nearby lab from the InsideTracker website. There were so many, I even found one super close to work so I could just swing by on the way in. You do need to fast ahead of time, so I'd suggest choosing a time early in the morning.

Now, I super anxious when having blood taken. And this plan does take quite a bit from you! The lab took a total of 8 vials from me. It was very painless.. and over before I know it. I may have passed out briefly afterward, so if you ARE super anxious about needles like me.. I highly recommend giving yourself plenty of time to relax and eat before driving. I had snacks and orange juice ready for me in the car.


Once the test was done, I had the results ready in about a week. When I logged in to my dashboard, before seeing my results I was prompted to optimize my results with a series of questions: for example, looking to increase strength and endurance, or looking to increase energy and metabolism, overall health, etc.

After my dashboard was customized, I received an action plan and could pour through my personalized results. Here is where I seriously believe InsideTracker is worth every penny. Your doctor may be able to provide you with test results, but InsideTracker goes beyond just the results. It becomes an endless resource of information that's tailored to YOUR needs. I was able to see where my nutrition needed work, and WHY it was important. Also, I could find what foods to add to my diet that would help bring those levels up. As well as recipes and blog posts all about each section and biomarker. To this day I STILL haven't been able to reach the end of the data and info that is available. Really awesome to have all this info at my fingertips.

The action plans involved 5 items that are tailored to your needs: I was looking for increased endurance and overall health and received the following suggestions to add to my diet: Avocado, Raspberries, Almonds, and B12 from meat sources like Fish and Red Meat. Not too bad in my book!

I followed these suggestions, along with others listed in my dashboard, like more rolled oats to increase lipid levels. And anytime I was curious about what I should eat, or if I needed some new suggestions, I would just return to my InsideTracker dashboard. There, I would use the "Food Basket" tool for a full list of suggested meals and even recipes. It has become a huge resource for me before heading to the grocery store.


At my first Spartan Race I did quite a few Burpees. Well over a hundred. I missed quite a few obstacles that I had practiced so many times during training. But after following the InsideTracker guidelines for a few months, I started to show increments of improvement.

My training didn't differ that much in between Spartan Races, only my nutrition. I kept at it, but I'll be honest, I wasn't sure at first how much I was improving at first. When the time came to tackle the Spartan Beast, I surprised myself and crushed my goal finish time and was overwhelmed with pride in what I'd accomplished!

However, I'd still missed plenty of obstacles during the Beast. My endurance was there, but strength was lacking. I continued to follow my InsideTracker action plan, and focused on remaining strong and training through the mental struggle. I wasn't expecting too much improvement by my Spartan Race at Big Bear, but was excited to finish my Trifecta.

During Big Bear, I was surprised and amazed at how I aced those obstacles on a super tough course! The only burpees I had were from the spear throw! I had challenged myself with completing my Spartan Trifecta and that feeling of accomplishing my goal was incredible. Just like crossing the finish line of a tough marathon with a shiny new PR.

I had powered through my training, followed my results from InsideTracker and had finally increased my performance. It also provided me with enough confidence to plan bigger and tougher challenges for myself next year! And I really do owe so much of this new found confidence and personal performance to InsideTracker.

Now, many have mentioned the price tag on this is slightly higher than they may be used to, but think about how much you pay for gear and shoes during training. Even that can add up. And the amount of personal info and help you receive from the InsideTracker test is incredible. Truly worth it to me.

Also, InsideTracker is willing to help with affordable payment plans or using PayPal credit (which is what I did). All you have to do is chat with the InsideTracker team and they will help find the best option for you.


I know you must have TONS of questions. And results will vary because, lets face it, we are all different. And InsideTracker realizes that.

So I've set up a LIVE Q&A with Inside Tracker chief vampire and sales manager, Jonathan. On Sunday, November 26th at 6pm (Pacific Time), we'll both be live via my Instagram page (@runner_blogge_az). You're invited to join us and ask Jonathan yourself all the burning questions you might have about InsideTracker. In addition, we'll be chatting about some upcoming Cyber Monday deals InsideTracker will have going on.

In the meantime, feel free to ask questions in the comments below and we'll take those questions and answer them live. Also, be sure to follow InsideTracker on social where they announce deals, reviews from athletes, info, and so much more.


Thanks for reading and hope to "see you" at the Live Event on the 26th!


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