Weekend Review: Training or Torture?

It was a HOT 20 Miler this weekend!!! *HOT* doesn't even describe it!  I started at 6:30am but it was already into the high 80's at that point.  And by the time I ended, it was skyrocketing past 100+.  I felt like Johnny Storm from Fantastic Four, just minus the speed! (yes, I'm a comic book geek)

I took the pup out for the first few miles just so she could get some exercise in before the triple digits hit.  Even SHE was getting too hot already, and the sun wasn't even blaring YET!

Nevertheless, it was slow, it was hot, but I got it done! A lot of people ask me how I survive training Arizona's relentless summer temps.  You can check out some of my tips here: Surviving the Hellish Heat


But for the most part, I made sure I had extra water, and ran a route where I could fill up at fountains when I needed.  Also, I had my hat doused in cold water, and salt sticks to keep my electrolytes up.

 Afterwards, when I got home, the b/f said I looked like death LITERALLY warmed over.  Probably wasn't too far from the truth.  What was my saving grace? POPSICLES! The ice cold juicy Popsicles from the freezer were my life saver.  Once I had cooled off, I had my protein shake and soaked in a bath full of epsom salts. 

You'd think I'd stop trying to train in the summer, but for some reason I'm a sucker for punishment!  Guess most of us runners are.  But it feels good to have another long run under my belt!  Got a couple more and then it'll be time for the SAN FRANCISCO MARATHON!  Been looking forward to this one all year! Exciting stuff!  Can't wait to bring you all the awesome pics and review from this one!


Now, this weekend I won't be doing 20 miles... I'll back off just a bit for recovery.  However, I'll be hosting my first Arizona Social Runners Meet-up/ Run on Sunday!  We're going to make this a regular thing, once a month.  Everyone taking turns hosting, and running different routes in our area!

This Sunday, we'll be tackling South Mountain starting at 6:30am.  We'll take a route that everyone can run at their own speed and go as far as they want.  Then, we'll eat and swap war stories and blogging/running advice... and make new friends in the process!  It's going to be a blast! 

I can't wait to meet other runner/bloggers and share our experiences together!  If you're interested in joining our group, we're calling ourselves "Run, Eat, Tweet!"... just let us know and we'll loop you in!
Stay tuned for all the fun to come from the first ever "Run, Eat, Tweet" group run!!!


  1. I just wrote down a note at my desk today that I needed to buy some salt stick caps! Thanks for the reminder and I'm totally impressed you were able to run that far in that kind of heat!

    1. Thanks, I've had some practice at it though! lol. Also, I like the Salt Sticks with Caffeine. But I'm also addicted to caffeine so... you're choice. LOL.

  2. It sure was hot Sunday, great job on getting 20 in. Fortunately I got my 8 in before it hit 100 (it was 99 when I finished).

    Which lot are you meeting at? I don't think I'll make it but if I'm up before 5 who knows.

    1. We'll meet at the first lot as soon as you pull into the S. Mountain park. If you're up and around come join us!!

  3. It is miserable running in the heat but I found that it is good training. Most the races I run are in much more cooler temps than what I train in. Just have to be careful to not overheat.

    1. Pretty much any race that's not in AZ ends up being MUCH cooler! lol. Yeah, it's good training but I prefer to do my runs faster when shooting for a PR, and the heat makes that very tough. Fortunately, I'm not looking to PR again until later in the year. LOL.

  4. Dude, you need to start earlier!! :) I'm iffy for Sunday because of the start time. I usually hit the trails at 5 so I can be home by 6:30-7ish and avoid the heat that you experienced lol! Pumped that you're making it a monthly thing so I'll make it out to one for sure!!

    And super yay!! I didn't know you were doing SF!!! So can't wait to read all about it!

    1. I know! My game plan was to get up and out the door by 4:30am... but life got in the way! lol. And don't sweat it on Sunday, if you can't make it, that's cool. You'll definitley have to join another time though! (and heads up, we're not going for a super long run on Sunday, so even if you just wanted to knock out a FEW miles, we'll be there! ;-)


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