Adventures Past and Adventures Ahead

2015 was a whirlwind of challenges, changes and adventures. I'm taking a look back at all the excitement and a look ahead at what's in store for 2016!

This year running for me has been less about the PRs and chasing goals, and more about the journey to new places, meeting new people, and cherishing every adventure along the way! 

Two amazing adventures this year I owe to Nuun. Being a part of Team Nuun this past year has led to some incredible trips and lifetime friendships! 

First off, I was fortunate enough to join Team Nuuniacs for Ragnar Wasatch Back! An amazing experience to run with this great group of athletes and so glad to now call them friends.

(CLICK HERE for the full Ragnar recap) 

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one year, I also received the incredible opportunity to run with Team Nuun again for Hood to Coast! Not only did we run a relay together, this time we got to tour the city, and really learn more about the inspiring company and the unbelievable people behind it. Truly an adventure I will look back on for decades to come! 

I'm excited to be a part of Team again for 2016 and I can't wait to see what's ahead! 

As if that was enough for a lifetime of memories already, I received the amazing opportunity to run the Endurance Challenge Series-Wisconsin with the BibRave Team. While I wish I could have made this race my first ultra, it was an incredible time nonetheless. I loved getting to meet fellow BibRave Pros and even some running celebs along the way! 

Beyond my race adventures, my life itself has taken quite the turn! I lost my job, and ended up taking the plunge and making a career change. And now running literally is my life! And I love every minute of it. 

I've struggling with injury the better half of 2015, and that led me to try out a lot of different things as well. Not just regular visits to my PT, but I've tried everything from dry needling to fire cupping! A combination of which I think is finally getting me back to 100%! 

I also had an incredible experience (thanks to my new job) at Rock n Roll Las Vegas! 

And I've tested out some pretty awesome running gear thanks to being a BibRave PRO! 

Last but certainly not least, I've found some amazing new friends at the November Project Phoenix. A great group of local runners of all levels, who brave the weather and early morning hours to join together for a 30-minute workout.  We laugh and sweat together and I'm so thankful to them for dragging my butt out of bed every Wednesday! 

So what's ahead for 2016?
 I still plan on tackling my first ultra marathon, so stay tuned for that challenge ahead. I also will be spending a lot of 2016 traveling for work, something very new for me. But it will give me an opportunity to run in even more new places! 

There's still quite a bit of 2016 that I have un-planned. I only hope they will be filled with even more incredible adventures! Here's to hoping your 2016 is as full of excitement as my year was.  

Happy New Year and Happy Running Everyone!


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