Going Wireless: Jabra Rox Review

Confession: I can't run or workout without my music.  It helps me to get in the groove and push through when the going gets tough.  My biggest issue has been finding headphones that stay in, or what do with with all the excess cord.  So the most logical move: wireless headphones!

I currently have been using Yurbuds.  Great headphones, don't get me wrong, but they don't "lock" in as great as I would like, but they are sufficient.  But they still have a long awkward cord.  So wireless seemed to be the best option.

Thanks to my ambassadorship with BibRave.com, I got the hook up with Jabra Rox headphones and was so excited to try them out!

Jabra Rox work via bluetooth with your smartphone.  It was super simple to set up.  There's even  voice activated instructions to help you with setup (besides the written instructions).  And I have an iPhone 4s, so you don't have to have the most up to date smartphone for them to work.
The sound was great!  At first they didn't stay in, but I discovered they came with "ear wings".  Basically the ear wigs fit into the ridge of your ear to help hold them in place.  There's also quite a few variations of sizes of both the ear wigs and the buds themselves.

I found working out with the wireless was so awesome!  Didn't have to worry about shoving excess cord into my armband.  And the toggle switch made skipping tunes super easy.  Also, you do have to charge them but that too is simple.  You plug the usb cable into your computer and connect the headphones via behind the left bud.

I do have to be honest though, because I'm still recovering from my Plantar Fasciitis, I haven't been able to give the Jabra Rox a proper test RUN (literally), but my fellow BibRave Pros have!  Here's one from Angie over at Angie runs.  You can read all about her experience with them during her race! http://marathang.wordpress.com/2014/08/25/jabra-rox-review-2/

Now, here comes the sticker shock.  They run $129.99.  Pricey I know, but I spend that much on a good pair of running shoes so why not for a good pair of headphones?  Jabra does have a few other options though.

These run $99.99. A little different style though.
Or you can go the other direction and try out these:
These run $199.99.  But have an integrated heart rate monitor. So it's a 2-in-1 deal.

So here's the breakdown.
--Easy to use
--No tangled/excess cords
--Toggle switch for volume/scrolling
--Easy to charge.  
--Multiple accessories to find the perfect fit.

--A little pricey.
--Bluetooth can run down battery power on phone (just prob wouldn't use for a 3hr+ run)

All in all I do love the Jabra Rox headphones.  And love going wireless!  I highly recommend them. Go check 'em out! http://www.jabra.com 

Any questions just ask in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for the review Jeremy. Ear buds are the bane of my life!!! I have small ears & a lot of the buds on the market are too small to jam far enough into my ear to stay in!! I've tried the winged ones & the wrap around the back of the ear type but didn't like the feel at all. I really liked the Yurbuds until the silicone piece separated from the actual bud & then by the time i realized why I couldn't shove the thing back into my ear the silicone bit had fallen out of my ear & disappeared into the park somewhere over the previous 10 - 15 metres never to be seen again despite my looking!!! I've been muddling along with the buds that came with my samsung, but do spend a lot of time shoving them back in. I think I'm going to cough up for another pair of yurbuds for the marathon, but I will have a look at the Jabra ones too............

    1. Alley, if you're really set on the Yurbuds, give them a call. They should be able to send you new silicone pieces free of charge. Mine weren't fitting right and they sent me a whole set.

    2. cool! thanks for that :-)

  2. I hear ya Jeremy! Music is super important for me - can't run without it!! I've gone back and forth with earbuds! I haven't heard of Jabra Rox so thanks for the review!

    1. I like 'em and had never heard about them until a few weeks ago. Worth checking into!

  3. Thank you for this review! Right now, I run with the lame little white headphones my iPhone came with. Ha ha! I just haven't found others that work. I will have to check these out.

  4. Jeremy-
    I have the Jabra (over the ear) wireless model and I absolutely love them. I have been running for about 4 months (about 400 miles so far) with them, and I don't think I can ever go back to the cord. Despite being over the ear, they are light and I barely notice them. I also picked them up online for about $50-60 on sale.
    Pros: NO CORD, super comfortable (they come with a number of different inserts so you can swap them out), syncing is easy.
    Cons: About a 4 hour battery life and the USB cover can be a little hard to get open- it does make a good seal so they are sweat proof.
    They are easy to lose (without the cord) so be careful when you take them out.
    Happy running and I hope this helps.

    1. Thanks Chad! I've been looking at them and hearing great things. One of these days when I have the funds I'll have to snag a pair! Appreciate it.

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