Beat the Heat: AZ Bloggers Share Advice

Who knows running in the heat better than those of us who brave triple digits here in the desert?  I've shared some of my tips to surviving the Hellish Heat, but I thought this time I'd ask my new group of running/blogging gurus to offer their advice!
Check out #RunEatTweetAZ runners and their tips to
pounding the miles on pavement that can cook an egg!    

I fill up my handheld water bottle entirely with ice and then fill any extra space with cold water! It's great for drinking and spraying some on your face! At least if you start with ice it'll become cold water during your run! If you start with cold or luke warm water it will turn to hot broth lol!  Or you can run along the beach and get your feet wet!


 Change Your Expectations - Maintaining and even improving your pace through the hottest months of summer is not practical. Be patient with yourself. Give your body a few weeks to get acclimated to the hot weather, gradually increase your miles and intensity. This will give your body more time to learn it needs to decrease your heart rate and body temperature, and increase your sweat rate. If you're a beginner, take walk breaks every 5-7 minutes to cool down during runs. The most important thing is managing your body core temperature and not allowing yourself to overheat. Strong fall/winter runners are built in the summer, so be consistent trough the hot months, but be smart about it.  



This is my 3rd summer training in the brutal Arizona heat so here are my tips for surviving! Fuel on long runs, food and water are a must! In the cooler months, I can get away with running anything under a half marathon with only a sip of water. Summer on the other hand, I can't do anything over 4 miles WITHOUT water or a GU.This past weekend I ran 15 miles and drank about 70oz of water! Invest in a camelbak or water belt! Yes they suck to run with, but they make summer training possible. I always, ALWAYS over pack my fuel and water just to make sure I never run out. I also chew gum, it helps keep your mouth from getting dry and causing you to sip on too much water, which results in stomach cramps. Hat, sun glasses and SUN SCREEN! These are huge when you are out in the sunlight. I do try to get most my runs done before the hot sun is up, but it doesn't always happen. So hat, sun glasses and sun screen are a must! Turn off your pace setting on your watch! I'm training to qualify for Boston at my next marathon in October and all I've heard is "it's all about the tempo runs and marathon paced long runs." I'm sorry, I honestly cannot hit those paces when it's 105 outside. In the past I've stressed over this but this summer I'm getting smart. I'm hitting the trails and not caring about pace. It's making my training MUCH more enjoyable and I'm not suffering from heat exhaustion or burn out! Don't sweat the pace! Last tip for running in the summer heat is probably my most important tip. I speak from experience.
Summer training is hard. It's brutal outside and even if you have everything prepped and prepared, running any distance is exhausting. My biggest tip is "don't think, just do!" Most days I really don't want to get out. I come up with excuse after excuse and end up talking myself out of running. But then, I feel horrible about not getting out and so I beat myself up. If you can take away the complaints and the excuses and just get out the door, you'll likely feel 100x's better than if you gave in to excuses. Summer training is 100% mental. Knock down the mental walls and you'll come out so much stronger in the cooler months. 


If you’re like me, you might have a love-hate relationship with running. You hate to get started but love it when you’re run is done- especially when it’s a hundred and fifteen thousand degrees in Arizona. A few weeks ago, I met up with several other AZ runners for our first ever #RunEatTweetAZ near South Mountain. Mind you, I’m kind of a lone-ranger when it comes to running, because most of my family and friends despise the idea of running. As a Clydesdale Marathoner, moving my big mass is a challenge in itself, and being that I’m originally from California, anything over 90 degrees is hot! So I met up with this group of complete strangers (less one dude @ShootsKdenAloha, who I met at the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon, but that’s for another story) so we met up to run- mind you it’s 7:30am and it’s already 700 degrees. It didn’t dawn on me that it was going to be a bazillion degrees on this run until I saw everyone and their fancy hydration packs. All I had on my was my cell phone (naturally because I take a lot of pictures) and so my aha moment, and one that you should seriously consider when running in the blistering Arizona sun…get yourself a hydration pack, or a backpack full of half-frozen water bottles…because you’ll die if you forget the AGUA! Thanks the #RunEatTweetAZ crew for sharing their water!

Thanks for sharing guys! Hope their stories and tips help you stay cool on your next run.  Share YOUR advice on beating the heat in the comments below! 


  1. I enjoyed everyone's tips, thanks for the feature Jeremy. It's great to hear from fellow AZ runners! :D

    1. Thanks for sharing your tips with us and can't wait for our RunEatTweet community to grow even more! :)

  2. Yay! Love these connections we are making! So fun!

    1. I know! Can't wait to see how we grow in the months to come! :)


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