Five Stages of Tapering

I'm running the San Francisco Marathon next weekend, and I have finally reached the final stage of my Tapering: Acceptance.

As many of us runners know, as we end our marathon training and start backing off our mileage, we go through a series of emotions.  Let me break it down for you.

You've put the mileage in. You're feeling good.  Legs are sore, but it's a good sore.  Now you can just sit back and wait for the race...which you're going to ROCK of course! Everything is AWESOME! 

Dang it! You need to go run! And your IT Band/Knee/Hip/Foot feels achy.  You'd better NOT be getting injured.  It's too late in the game!  And you feel fat.  Just FAT. 
Now...who hid the @&#*#@ Cookies!?!
Yep.  This race is going to be horrible.  What if you don't finish?! Did you get enough mileage in? You can definitely kiss that PR goal goodbye!  The course looks awfully hilly... did you do enough hill training?  Screw the need ice cream.
Your race is a few days a way...what if you forget something? Did you tweak your ankle the other day? Should you have done more 20-mile workouts? More speed work?
What did you get yourself into????
Well, nothing you can do now.  You're in this until the end.  Best just get out there, give it your best, and enjoy it! Who cares if you don't PR? Let's do this!
And now you've had a look into the crazy mind of a runner in the days leading up to their marathon.  In particularly, MY madness.  But despite the Tapering woes... I'm ready to tackle the challenge ahead.  Stay tuned as I take you through the awesome adventure ahead! 


  1. Oh this is hysterical. Good luck at the marathon next weekend, Jeremy! I wish you many cookies and ice cream!

  2. Good luck with your Marathon. I'll stock up on icecream :-)

  3. haha, love it! something to look forward to!

  4. Ha ha LOVE it ... can really resinate with the guy with the orange hair (the muppet) ha ha


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