Instagram Takeover


  First off I'll be running the AZ Rock N Roll Half-Marathon this weekend!  Woo hoo! Getting excited! Even though I know I'm not ready to PR on this one... I'm still going to have a blast with friends and just bask in the racing atmosphere!
Besides all of that, I'm excited to announce that I'll be doing an "Instagram Takeover" throughout race day!  I'm an I'm Fit Possible Ambassador and that's the account I'll be taking over.  Hop on Instagram and give them a follow!
  I'll be posting pics AND videos there throughout the day and it should be a lot of good old natured fun!  Join me as I take you along on the adventure!  I'll also post everything later in a detailed race review as soon as I can next week, so stay tuned for that. 

  In the meantime... head on over to Instagram and follow "I'm Fit Possible"!  And while your at it, go ahead and give me a follow too! (runner_blogger_az)
  ;-) I'll see you social media peeps soon!


  1. Have a great run and kudos to you for taking on such a challenge!

  2. So excited to see all of your pics! Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Thanks guys! Race review coming soon! Rocked it!! and had such a great time with the "takeover"!

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