Motivating Rewards

 We've all set our goals, written down our resolutions, and are ready to tackle those challenges this 2014.  But the hard part is staying motivated in the months to come!
  One of my tricks to sticking with my goals are REWARDS!  That doesn't necessarily mean food... although sometimes it can be.  What I'm referring to are small "treats" for reaching certain milestones along the way.
  And I don't mean if you run one mile you'll buy a plane ticket to Hawaii... that may be a little excessive, but if that's your way of motivating yourself and you have the money, go for it.
What I'm talking about are smaller rewards to make the big goal ahead not seem so far away.

   For example, I have a race in two weeks
 (the AZ Rock N Roll Half-Marathon) and my training has been going very well.  So I rewarded myself with a new pair of running shoes!
   The Brooks Ravenna 5, aren't they awesome? Red makes you faster, right?!

Anyway, if you're having trouble getting out of bed for that 4-mile speed work, or just don't want to push through that long run in the cold... come up with how you'll reward yourself afterwards.
If you finish, you'll have some pancakes
(that one's always my favorite). 
Or if you reach your weekly mileage goal, you'll go out to a movie with friends.  You can also set some "bigger" rewards for when you actually reach your goal. Say, a small vacation if you finish that race or meet that PR... or just a day-trip to a spa.  Whatever you want! The options are endless!

   Now you don't get carried away.  Just because you got out of the house doesn't mean you can have three extra slices of birthday cake at the office.  Moderation my friends! As long as you find some middle ground for rewarding your efforts along the way, you'll be more likely to reach your goal!

  What are some "treats" that YOU use for motivation?  Share them with us with a comment below!
 Happy Running everyone and good luck on those Resolutions!

P.S. My "Run This Year" challenge is going great! They even featured me in a little write-up! Check out the interview HERE!


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