Running Rants and Raves

                                It's time for a little running Rants and Raves! 

  Everyone is getting a start on their 2014 Resolutions.  So the runner/walker traffic on sidewalks and trails has increased exponentially. I'm glad so many people are getting active and enjoying the outdoors. That being said... if you're going to take a leisurely stroll along a very popular path, make sure to  LEAVE SOME ROOM for everyone else!

Too often I am running along and come across moms with strollers lined up four-across down a narrow path... or a family of six taking a walk together side-by-side.  I've had to dodge actual car traffic just to get around these road blockers! 

   Have you ever came across this before?  How do you react? Do you politely say excuse me or just dart around and send a glare over your shoulder?  I typically say excuse me, but in my head I give them a piece of my mind!
   Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you've got a friend or five to join you. But don't be a road-blocker! Just be mindful of others around you and make some room for those that want to pass. Please, and thank you! 

  Now, I don't want to come across as negative... or complain too much.  So now that I've let off a little steam, how about I RAVE about something positive?

I tried out a new restaurant the other day. SNOOZE. I have to say it's one of my new local favorites!
They're new to Phoenix and I was a little weary at first. But I do have to say they exceeded my expectations for a breakfast hot-spot. Although busy, my wait wasn't very long. There was a coffee station for anyone waiting to help themselves and I found that unique and also just what I was looking for this particular morning after my run.

Check out the awesome Almond Joy pancake!
  They have a wide variety of pancakes... and their "pancake of the day" was Almond Joy.  We declined on pancakes and went for something else on the exciting menu list.  I chose the "Green eggs and Hamwhich".. on a pretzel roll.  While waiting for our food, the server brought out that Almond Joy pancake just for us to try! We ended up eating the whole dang thing!
  My pretzel roll breakfast sandwich was amazing and the service was just as great.  I'll definitely be going back and if you have one in your area, I highly suggest stopping by! It's the perfect place to go with friends after a hard run! 

   Thanks for reading my Rants and Raves for the week.  Any rants and raves YOU want to share? 
Happy Running everyone!


  1. When I encounter people taking up the whole sidewalk when running, I will loudly say, "Coming up behind you, excuse me" and they usually will part for me. I just always shake my head when people don't realize they aren't the only ones out and about! My fitness rant is I HATE when people don't disinfect the machines in the gym that they have sweated all over, its so gross! On a brighter note, that restaurant sounds great!

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who encounters this! But all part of being a runner I guess.. #runnerprobs lol. And your rant about the gym machines... you're absolutley right! ugh! especially when the wipes or whatever are right in front of the machine they're using! arg! LOL. thanks for reading and hope you stop by again! Happy Running!

  2. I went to Snooze for the first time two years ago in Denver, CO in the original location and absolutely loved it! I go back whenever I'm in Denver and I was recently able to eat at the location in San Diego! Definitely not healthy, but very yummy!

    1. At least we runners can get away with a little "unhealthy" from time to time. ;-) Glad I'm not the only one who loves Snooze! Thanks for reading!


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