Gym Madness
  Ah my formidable foe... we meet again.  The evil "Treadmill"!!  Today I decided to hop back on the dreaded 'Mill for some last minute speed work before my Half-Marathon this weekend.  Nothing like a little procrastination and a quickly approaching race to light a fire under your butt!
   It's been quite a while since I was at the gym...

I've been getting my miles in but my gym visits have slackened lately.  I decided to lift a little too.. felt pretty proud of myself to get such a good workout in today!

   Those feelings quickly disappeared when I went to grab my bag from my locker.  As I've always done before.. I put my small combo lock on my locker to protect my things.  But when I went to go unlock it... suddenly I realized...
First I just tried what numbers I could remember.  That wasn't working... I'd used muscle memory unlocking this thing for so long that I hardly ever paid attention to the numbers anymore!  I started frantically spinning the lock... hoping any minute my memory would kick in... or somehow it would just magically open.
  15? There was a 15 in it right? Was it left right left ...or right left right? The possibilities seemed infinite and I'm not a very patient person.
I just couldn't remember that combination for the life of me.  Did it start or end with a
  Guys were walking by and giving me weird looks.
Probably because I looked like a madman... cursing and yelling at a lock.  I guess in the heat of the moment.. and adrenaline flowing... I must have deduced that the more F* Bombs I dropped... would scare the thing open.

  I had just started playing through my head how I'd go about asking the front desk if they had a bolt cutter... when I closed my eyes, took a deep, and cleared all the numbers floating around in my head.  I spun the combo without thinking and it    

  Thank the Lord for muscle memory!  I was so relieved! But I had to get OUT of that locker room and away from the audience.  I sat in my car and opened that damn lock five more times without trouble!
   Maybe it's the early signs of Alzheimer's.  Maybe it was just a fluke.  Or maybe it was just a rude awakening that I'd been away from the gym for far too long! I'm going to go with the later. 

   Has this ever happened to any of you... or am I honestly going crazy?
Any tricks you use to remember your combinations?  Happy Running to all of you and I'll have a full race recap coming soon after this weekend!



  1. Happens to me ALL the time, except I KNOW my combo, just can't open the lock! Tips: write it on the bottom/side of your shoe in sharpie!

    1. Oh! Sharpie on the sneakers! Nice trick! I'll Hve to do that! Thanks!

  2. I leave all my valuables in my car. My locker consists of my hoodie and a practically empty gym bag. I do however and reoccurring nightmares of being back in high school and not being able to open the lock to my locker which makes me late for class, I cry and have a panic attack. LOL

    1. I'd leave my stuff in my car... but around here people break into cars for that very reason...Just can't win with thieves! lol. And it's definitely scary.. i'll prob have reoccurring nightmares now re-living that moment... oh well!

  3. I've had my lock for 16.5 years now - a million moves and haven't lost that sucker the combo is ingrained in my memory.

    Good luck this weekend!

    1. Thanks! I'll post a full race review next week! And I've always been able to remember my lock combo just for some reason it slipped my mind! I'll prob right it on my shoe next time or "practice" beforehand. LOL

  4. I can assure you from having worked in the fitness industry for over 12 years, that this happens all the time. I buy heavy duty lock/bolt cutter for every new GoodLife Fitness club we open for this very reason!!!! If it ever happens again and you can't remember, just asked at the front desk of your gym. I swear they won't laugh.

    1. Haha! I figured I couldn't be the only person in the world that's happened to... But when it was happening my panic-striken brain wasn't thinking clearly. Lol thanks for the reassurance though!


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