Procrastination Pains
   Procrastination.  It's a runner's Achilles heel.  Except for the actual Achilles heel. Okay, maybe that's not the right metaphor. Whatever the analogy, procrastination can come back and bite you in the rear!
  Procrastination can show it's nasty face in a number of different ways for us runners.  You procrastinated getting your long runs in and now you don't feel prepared for your upcoming race.  You put off your run for too long and now it's getting dark and cold.   

  For me... I've procrastinated with speed work.
Speed work is an essential part of getting faster.  You may not need it to finish a race, but if you plan on setting a personal best... it's kinda required.   I'm human and we all have our weakness... mine is speed training.  I'd much rather go run 20 miles than force myself to do 3 miles fast.  
   Some runners are the opposite.  They love doing sprints at the track or on a treadmill.  Me? Not so much.  But it's a necessary evil that I'm going to have to learn to integrate into my routine.
  I bring all this up because I have a big race next weekend. The PF Chang's AZ Rock and Roll half-marathon.  I originally had high hopes and delusions of finishing with a major PR.  But thanks to procrastinating my speed workouts... I'll be settling for finishing in a decent time.

However, I do want to stay positive.  I'm not admitting defeat just yet.  My training hasn't been without a purpose.  I still have the Phoenix Full Marathon on the horizon.  The signs along my running route are a constant reminder and motivator.   
  I also have many more half marathons and full marathons this year.  So there's still plenty of time to reach my PR goals.  Which means I'll be taking the AZ RnR race easy.  And really focusing on enjoying my time with friends.   (I'll be bringing you a full race recap afterwards so be sure to stay tuned!)
 These procrastination problems are indeed... a tough nut to crack.  But sometimes being knocked off course is just what it takes to propel me forward.  One step back, two steps forward!  I won't be letting procrastination be my downfall this year!  Who's with me?!
  What do YOU procrastinate on? What's some ways you overcome procrastination?  


  1. Procrastination: This is the story of my life. I'll post how I overcome it later.

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only procrastination victim!


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