My Oatmeal My Way!

Oatmeal is my go-to fuel before a long run or race.  So I was extremely excited to try out MyOatmeal, a build-you-own oatmeal site!  Here's my review AND a chance for you to win some of your own!
Courtesy: MyOatmeal FB 
Disclaimer: Thanks to my running group RunEatTweetAZ I received the chance to try out a 2.25lb bag of MyOatmeal for free, in exchange for my review.  All the following opinions are my own. 

First off, MyOatmeal is a based right here in Arizona and I love supporting local businesses!  There are over 22 BILLION combinations to choose from on the site.  I had trouble deciding! 

Finally I went with mocha flavored, and added in PB and banana pieces.  Was already drooling by the time I checked out! It came in the mail fairly quickly.  I immediately tried it out for breakfast a few days in a row. 

I selected the steel cut oats, but was surprised by the look/texture. However, fellow blogger and #RunEatTweetAZ member Zucchini Runner reached out to MyOatmeal with a few questions, and they explained that the steel cut oats are "no soak" which means they are flash steamed twice to help with cooking time, and that's why they are different then most.  Really helped clear that up for me.

It was definitely packed with Peanut Butter flavor and tasted delicious! The freeze dried bananas tasted good, but they were a little mushy.  I'd probably rather have skipped them or chosen a different fruit.  I did add some fresh banana of my own and that really took it to perfection!

  • Tons of fun building my own blend
  • Great value for such a large bag
  • Amazing flavor
  • Great customer service from questions to shipment 

  • All the choices can make you dizzy... so know what you like! :)
  • Pick a fruit/nut you know will taste good cooked over the stove top.  
  • Texture was definitely different from what I was expecting, but I also know I chose steel cut oats and that can be an acquired taste. If you're partial to the rolled (old fashioned) oats, make sure you go with that! 

Now, for your chance to win a bag of your own! If you win, you'll be able to build your own blend just like I did!  Just visit the RunEatTweetAZ Facebook page to enter. Deadline to enter is Thursday, December 11th.  

Don't want to wait to see if you win? Use Discount Code: RETAZ15 for 15% off your order!  
Tell me, what would you put into YOUR blend?! 


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