Runner's Holiday Wishlist & Giveaway!

Whether you're looking for a gift for that runner in your life, searching for something new to add to YOUR wishlist, or just eager to score some gifts for yourself...I'm breaking down the Runner's Holiday Wishlist and offering YOU a chance at some sweet prizes! 

For most of us runners, getting new gear, fuel, etc for Christmas makes us feel like a kid again. At least I know it does for me!

But I know the non-runners in my family sometimes have no idea what to get "a runner". Or when I decide to "treat myself" for Christmas, like many of us do, I search around for what I want to get Me.

So let's get to it! Here are some gift ideas for the runner in your family OR treats for yourself!

Every runner could use some fuel for their training!  Whether it's GU, ClifBar, etc. But sometimes you can think outside the box.  How about something a runner can eat for breakfast or post-run? One idea is nut butters!  A great, easy fuel source and makes both an awesome stocking stuffer or amazing gift! What kind of nut butter would I suggest? NuttZo!

 Its' the only seven nut & seed butter on the planet and a great healthy option over regular peanut butter. (Win a jar of NuttZo and 10-to go packets by entering below!) 

Gear for runners can be more intimidating.  It can get expensive and there are so many options out there. From bladder-based hydration packs, vests, fuel belts, flipbelts, etc. It can get overwhelming. One company I highly recommend is OrangeMud.

Their products are extremely durable, comfortable and all around one amazing brand! A less expensive option and a gift any runner would enjoy is the Handheld Hydration pack.  The unique thing about this bottle is the larger strap around the hand,  making it much more comfortable than other brands.
Sidenote, if you want to purchase any OrangeMud gear, you can
use RBAZFRIENDS for 10% off anytime!
(Win a handheld hydration bottle by entering below!)

So you want to think "outside the box" and really surprise your loved one? How about a free race entry! Many racing sites will let you purchase passes or purchase gift cards. I wouldn't suggest just signing them up for a race unless you really are involved in the everyday life of your runner loved one. Signing them up for a marathon when they're not ready, already have a race scheduled, or not even sure if they want to run that distance can end badly.  So it's best just to purchase an entry into a series, and let them decide for themselves.  It can make for one really fun and really exciting gift!

 StartLine Racing is a local Arizona company with some really fun races!  They organize everything from 5Ks to Full Marathons, so there's a wide variety available.
 (Win a FREE ENTRY into a StartLine Racing Event by entering below!)

For more ideas on running gifts, just check out my "Gear Reviews" tab.  It will have the full rundown of all sorts of gear, fuel, and more! Now.... what you've all been waiting for... the GIVEAWAY!

Enter separately in each rafflecopter widget below.
You can enter just the ones you want OR enter all three! One winner per prize. 
Deadline to enter is December 16th, at 11:00pm MST.  
Winners will receive an e-mail from me, and will be announced on my FACEBOOK PAGE on
December 18th by 12:00on MST. 
Good Luck and Happy Holidays!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. These are all awesome things for a runner!! Tough choice. I mean, that's a sweet looking handheld, and who doesn't want more race entries?! But I'd probably go with the nut butter. I'm a bit of a PB fanatic, and I've never tried the packets for fueling. :)

  2. Great giveaway! I'd love to win the Orangemud handheld - such great products from them, and I already am in love with my hydration pack. The handheld would be great for shorter distances :)

  3. I really want that Handheld! It is pretty much the only Orange Mud product I don't have. LOL

  4. Any prize is terrific! But I do love Nutzo products!! Yum.

  5. I'd love the Nutzo packets but the handheld would be cool too!

  6. I'd love to win Nuttzo! Never tried it, but have always heard good things about it.

  7. I would like to win the Orange Mud handheld, because I've heard so much about them and their products! I've always wanted to use one of their awesome products!

  8. Who doesn't LOVE free race entries?! I would be happy to run any StartLine Racing event, especially if I got a free entry!! :) I've heard many good things about their races.

  9. I would LOVE some more NuttZo....that stuff is AMAZING!

  10. I love StartLine Racing events so I would be thrilled to win a free entry! They put on such amazing events and really care about the participants.


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